Old Granite Structures in History

Old granite structures are truly a marvel to behold. Poseidon Industries, experts in all things stone cutting, provide their top picks among them here.

Old Granite Structures in History

Ancient granite cutting may have been much harder considering that they were not privy to the modern marvels of current technology, but nonetheless, they created some of the most amazing buildings and monuments that the world has ever known. These old granite structures are just one of the inspirations for Poseidon Industries, a stone fabrication machinery company, to open its doors. To help better understand the importance of granite in history, our team has created this quick overview of some of the most famous structures made of this material throughout history.

Granite in Ancient Egypt

Are the pyramids made of granite? Yes! The ancient Egyptians were well-known and world-renowned for their use of the material. In many ways they are the inspiration for many monuments, everywhere from the United States to Asia, you can see the inspiration these great and old granite experts have on the rest of the world. Structures and monuments such as palaces and long-abandoned cities. But their most impressive feat would have to be the Sphinx. This entire monument, meant to commemorate the power of Egyptian pharaohs, was sculpted out of a single massive slab of granite. Their feats of construction are made even more impressive when you consider their lack of modern equipment and education!

Granite Structures in Other Parts of the World

Old granite structures are the inspiration for some other structures that are also from a time long past but were nonetheless inspired, at least in part, by that of the ancient Egyptians. The massive Brihadeeswarar temple in India is in many ways just as impressive as the sphinx, and other ways even more so. This colossal ode to Shiva is made out of a single piece of granite. The addition of several rooms within the temple and intricate designs along the façade make this a marvel of even modern engineering. In the United States, Mount Rushmore serves as a representation of how granite can be used to display the heroes of a nation in a way that magnifies their importance to the country they helped shape. These are just two of the countless old granite structures in history that all who work in the field of stone-cutting are inspired by, whether they know it or not.

Stone Fabrication Machinery of the Highest Quality 

Poseidon stone machinery is an unmatched product that is sure to create pieces as marvelous as the ones listed above, minus the generations of hard labor. Get a quote for machinery today, or contact our team to learn more from our experts. Be sure to also take a look at our insight into all things stone cutting by reading some more of our articles.

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