Comparing Granite and Marble : What is the Difference?

Learn the difference between granite and marble from our stone machinery experts. Our stone machinery facility can assist with your high-precision cutting needs.

Poseidon Industries is a leading provider of American-made high-precision manufacturing machines and technology in South Florida. Our innovative CNC machinery and fabrication centers deliver efficient precision cutting and polishing for natural stones, including granite and marble. Our certified stone technology experts have specialized knowledge of granite and marble, but would you like to learn the difference? Read more about the differences between granite and marble!  

What Is Granite?

Granite, a magmatic stone formed by volcanic activity, is formed when liquid magma is cooled and becomes very hard. Each piece of granite is one of a kind because you can see unique specs within the stone. Due to its composition, granite is very durable and can withstand house cleaners and mild acids found in a kitchen.

What Is Marble?

Marble has always been a popular stone due to its luxurious appearance and softness for carving.  Marble begins as limestone but is transformed under extreme heat and pressure. This stone can be utilized in various ways, including marble countertops, floor tiles, bathroom backsplashes, and fireplaces. Marble, a calcareous stone, is sensitive to mild acids that can be found in the kitchen, so our stone experts recommend utilizing this natural stone in your bathroom, fireplace, or decorative sculptures.

The Differences Between Granite and Marble

While granite and marble have similarities, including being both heavy natural stones that are highly requested for kitchens and bathrooms, there are some distinct differences.

Marble, considered a metamorphic rock, begins its life as limestone and becomes marble after being exposed to intense heat and pressure. Granite is a magmatic stone formed by liquid volcanic magma. Therefore, marble is considered a luxurious natural stone compared to granite.

One of the biggest differences between granite and marble is its porosity. Porosity is the measure of spaces within the stone. Due to having more porosity, marble is softer and easier to manipulate. Granite, being denser, is more resistant to scratches, damage, staining, or fading over time.

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