What Is a CNC Machine?

Looking for a machine to efficiently execute high-precision cutting and polishing for granite and natural stone. Read more about our CNC Machines.

CNC machines, or computer numerical control machines, are automated machines specializing in high precision cutting due to their command functions, motion system, and feedback system. CNC micromachining creates exceptionally tight and fine surface cutting and finishes. Utilizing CNC automation and tools helps operate with little error and provides machinery solutions.  These primary components and software are specifically made to interpret designs for high-precision cutting of granite, marble, and natural stone.

Poseidon Machinery provides top-rated, American-made manufacturing machines for fabricators and precision cutting. Our innovative technology maximizes efficiency and power for precision cutting and polishing of granite, marble, and natural stone. Read more about CNC machines and related technology from our certified stone technology experts.

The History of a CNC Machine

CNC machinery was first manufactured by John T. Parsons around 1958. Parsons envisioned that manufacturing could be revolutionized if computers and machinery could be combined for automation, high precision cutting, and design. His original design helped develop the CNC machines that our stone fabrication machinery experts use. As a result, manufacturing is precise and cost-efficient for manufacturers.   

What Are the Different Types of CNC Machines?

CNC Machinery, including CNC fabrication centers and saw jets, are designed to be powerful and efficient for precision cutting, including granite, marble, and natural stone. At our CNC machine shop in Punta Gorda, our stone technology experts offer a variety of CNC machinery, including:

·       CNC Fabrication Center

·       CNC Robotic Saw Jet

·       Guardian SX-3 CNC Router

·       T-Rex 5-Axis

Not only do we provide CNC and stone machinery for your manufacturing solutions, but we also provide service requests if you are having trouble with these modern machines. Our stone machinery technicians are committed to assisting our customers and delivering manufacturing solutions to exceed customer expectations.

The History of Poseidon Industries’ Unique Experience

The founders of Poseidon Industries, with over 40 years of experience with stone equipment, have the unique experience of having fixed, installed, and commissioned ALL competing brands of CNC machines made for stone countertop fabrication. The leading brands include Bimatech, Breton, CMS Brembana, EAM, Intermac, Northwood, Park Industries, Prussiani, Ravelli, technoMbM, Sasso, Thibaut, and many others. This exclusive knowledge of competitors’ mechanics and electronic automation has enabled our Poseidon Stone Machinery team to guarantee that our stone machinery models are superior in longevity and productivity. 

What Industries Benefit From CNC Machinery?

Micro engineered parts for various industries require precise cutting with little room for error. That’s why CNC machinery is utilized in many industries. Some industries that utilize and benefit from the various uses of CNC machinery including:

·       Aerospace

·       Electronics

·       Manufacturing

·       Marine

·       Medical

·       Military 

·       Oil & Gas

·       Transportation

Contact Poseidon Machinery for Your CNC Machinery Needs

Poseidon Machinery manufactures innovative and American-made CNC machinery and equipment. Our stone machinery specialists include CNC fabrication centers, edge polishers, semi-automatic saws, and CNC routers. Contact us or call (877) 571-5599 for the highest quality stone equipment and services.

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