POSEIDON machinery

The Future of stone automation

Poseidon Industries manufactures top-quality CNC fabrication machines designed for a diverse range of stone, granite, and ceramic fabrication applications. Our robust CNC sawjet fabrication centers are essential for all successful wall, tile, and countertop fabricators.  

Poseidon CNC fabrication centers and Saw Jets are designed to ensure the success of any natural stone or engineered stone fabricator. They bring unbeatable power and efficiency.

Ultra-Precise Ceramic, Stone, & Granite Fabrication

CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and a CNC machine is a programable machine that can autonomously perform the manufacturing process of cutting pieces and layers from a large slab of stone. Arobotic SawJet combines the efficiency of a CNC saw blade with the power of a waterjet allowing for easier cutting while minimizing the number of difficult cuts a blade must do. CNC fabrication Saw Jet machines are faster than regular CNC saws, cutting fabrication times significantly.

Poseidon CNC SawJets meld power and efficiency together ensuring precise, complex, and efficient fabrication processes.

American-Made Quality CNC Machines

At Poseidon Industries, our CNC Robotic SawJet machines are heavy-duty machines built to handle large slabs of stone, granite, marble, and ceramic. Our CNC fabrication centers feature unique for easy sawing and profiling capabilities as well as electro-welded structures with steel walls and floor anchors to eliminate vibration. They are built with 20-inch circular blades and 25 to 35horsepower spindles that are capable of up to five-axis movement.

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Built Strong. Built Poseidon.

Poseidon Machinery Equals High Performance

As an American Manufacturer, Poseidon Industries is proud to produce exceptional robotic SawJets and CNC machines on U.S. soil. Earning top marks in durability, performance, precision, and efficiency, these sophisticated machines consistently deliver premium fabrication results for our clients.

Combine the convenience of programmable control, the power of a waterjet, and the efficiency of a CNC saw and the result is Poseidon’s CNC fabrication centers. Trusted by fabricators worldwide.

Poseidon delivers all over the United States. Here is a snippet of the current equipment installations.