Do you work with blocks of stone or granite slabs?

Whether you work with blocks of stone or granite slabs, this solution is for you! Check out our expert stone cutting technology or edge polishers for your granite needs!

If you work in the commercial or residential construction industry, Poseidon Industries has designed a powerful All-In-One Fabrication Center capable of processing solid stone or granite slabs without any problems.

The T-Rex 5-Axis Fabrication Center is built with the highest quality steel and welded with a unique pentagonal shaped cross-section bridge. The T-Rex 5 is a 5 interpolated axis CNC bridge mill, with an inverter controlled electro-spindle which allows for the use of milling wheels, finger bit, core drill bits, and a horizontal blade.


  • 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw and 4 Axis CNC Bridge Saw!
  • Moves your pieces around with vacuum lifters attached to spindle unit!
  • 5 Axis CNC Profiling Machine and Sculpting Machine!
  • Automatic tool changer for Profiling Tools and Saw Attachment
  • POSEIDON Software License Included
  • Blade attachment for 20″ Blade Diameter
  • 24 HP Spindle(40HP Spindle Optional)
  • 20 Tool Spot Tool Magazine
  • Available in Single and Dual Table Models
  • Unique Design for Easy Sawing Capabilities and Profiling Capabilities
  • Most Value for Your Money On the Market

Poseidon Industries manufactures modern, American-made stone machinery and equipment for all your high-precision cutting and edge polishing needs. Poseidon Machinery offers the highest quality stone equipment with specialty installations across North America. Our full lineup of machinery and fabrication centers includes only the most premium and innovative CNC Fabrication Centers, edge polishers, and saws to accommodate stone, granite, marble, and a variety of natural stones. We will help get you stone solutions with exceptional services at competitive rates.

Contact or call Poseidon Stone Machinery for all pricing information, technical services, or to arrange a tour or provide feedback. Having machine trouble? Fill out a service request form, and one of our stone machinery technicians will assist you.

Don’t wait to get a quote or free production evaluation on our stone machinery and equipment from our expert manufacturers today!


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