The Different Types of CNC Machines

Want to learn the different types of CNC machinery from South Florida’s stone machinery experts? Learn more about the advantages of using CNC machinery here.

Need an efficient stone cutting machine to execute high precision cutting for natural stone including granite, marble, and limestone? Poseidon Industries, certified stone technology experts, have been manufacturing stone machinery including CNC fabrication centers, semi-automatic saws, and edge polishers for over ten years. As a leading authority of providing high-precision machinery solutions, read here the different types of CNC machines and how they can increase productivity and accuracy.

What Is a CNC Machine?

CNC Machines, or computer numerical control machines, are automated devices that specialize in high precision cutting functions. These CNC machine tools provide machinery solutions by ensuring high accuracy and efficiency when it comes to cutting natural stone. Poseidon Stone Machinery provides state-of-the-art, American-made CNC manufacturing machines and fabrication centers. Read more about the different types of CNC machines and the advantages of using CNC machinery.

CNC Milling Machine

One of the more popular types of CNC machines, a CNC Milling Machine, has built-in tools for cutting or drilling. This stone-cutting tool provides accuracy and precision. CNC Milling Machines produces custom-designed components using computerized controls.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Machines are designed to cut through hard materials such as metals and natural stone, including granite, marble, or limestone. The primary function of a laser cutter is to make precise cuts to make custom designs into thicker materials.

CNC Router Machine

The CNC Router Machine works like a CNC Milling Machine. CNC Routers can complete precise cuts by automation through computer numerical controls. This type of CNC Machinery helps produce things like door carvings, decorations, moldings, instruments, furniture, and more with ease due to its ability to program designs. This computer-aided manufacturing makes it simple to efficiently cut for effortless production.

5-Axis CNC Machine

A 5-Axis CNC Machine is one of the most innovative types of CNC machinery. A 5-Axis CNC Machine simultaneously implements cutting tools to move along five axes to make complicated shapes and designs. This type of CNC machinery is the preferred method to improve efficiency and accuracy to execute complex designs.  

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