Tired of inaccurate or slow cutting times?

Tired of slow or inaccurate cutting? The Viking III CNC Bridge Saw's high-precision cutting technology efficiently cuts speed and improves accuracy. Contact Poseidon Stone Machinery for a free quote of our Viking III CNC Bridge Saw.

The Viking III can cut a 3cm thick slab as fast as 14 minutes! In­crease your cutting speed and increase your profits with a Poseidon CNC Bridge Saw / Fabrication Center. The Viking III CNC Bridge Saw / Fabrication Center offers everything the stone fabricator needs in a cutting machine. This machine surpasses all competition by leaps and bounds.

Made with a 25-horsepowerItalian spindle, the Viking III’s can perform complete automatic cutting cycles, fabrication cycles, and hybrid cycles for both. The Viking III comes complete with an advanced, user-friendly 15” color touchscreen design, fiber glass carriage covers, and all X & Y &Z mechanical components are protected (enclosed).


Poseidon cares about work quality and that is why they bring you American-Brand quality machines. We offer the Peace of Mind of being your trusted advisor, providing exceptional customer and technical support and helping you maximize your business. Poseidon offers many unique services and features offered only with our equipment. Poseidon’s futuristic designs and revolutionary options packages make it an easy choice for the stone fabricator.


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Extreme-Quality C-Axis Stone Machines

Poseidon Industries strives to deliver exceptional stone machinery and CNC Fabrication centers. Our extreme-quality c-axis mechanics, vacuum lifts and BELT-drive system can withstand all your manufacturing needs. Read more here!

Poseidon delivers all over the United States. Here is a snippet of the current equipment installations.