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Machine Accessories


Poseidon Industries manufactures a variety of stone equipment and accessories that help optimize stone fabrication machinery such as stone cutting saws, CNC saws, robotic Saw Jets, and more. Our additional stone and granite equipment components can be powerful tools for modern stone, granite, and marble fabricators.

Make Poseidon machines even more powerful with our stone and granite equipment accessories.

Accessories Designed To Maximize Fabrication Machines

While machine accessories like jib crane sets and water filtration systems aren’t responsible for cutting large slabs and pieces of stone, they are essential components of the best-performing fabrication machines. Stone and granite equipment accessories work to increase a stone cutting machine’s ease of use and optimize its performance.

Stone and granite fabrication equipment accessories optimize machine performance.

A Selection of Stone and Granite Fabrication Equipment

At Poseidon Industries, our stone and granite equipment accessories include jib cranes and water filtration systems, just to name a few. Our water filtration systems filter and recycle water to ensure smooth cutting. Our jib cranes can carry large slabs of natural and engineered stone and feature an impressive 1,000-kilogram weight capacity.

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Poseidon Accessories Support Exceptional Results

As an American Manufacturer, Poseidon Industries is proud to produce a variety of stone fabrication machinery accessories. These accessories improve the performance of our sawing machines and fabrication centers and extend their utilization.

As an American Manufacturer, Poseidon Industries is proud to manufacture advanced heavy-duty thin stone veneer cutting machines. Not only are our machines simple to use, but they also help transform large pieces of natural and engineered stone into thin stone veneer flats and corners of exceptional quality for any construction project.

Empowering efficient and reliable cutting of stone slabs and pieces, our powerful machine accessories greatly improve performance and fabrication results.

Poseidon delivers all over the United States. Here is a snippet of the current equipment installations.