POSEIDON machinery

cnc Bridge Saw

Viking II





25hp spindle

18"-20" blade

Fast Delivery to the Entire USA


It's time for less cost and more machining

5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw and 4 Axis CNC Bridge Saw!

Moves your pieces around with vacuum lifters attached to spindle unit!

5 Axis CNC Profiling Machine and Sculpting Machine!

Automatic tool changer for Profiling Tools and Saw Attachment

POSEIDON Software License Included

Blade attachment for 20″ Blade Diameter

25 HP Spindle(40HP Spindle Optional)

20 Tool Spot Tool Magazine

Available in Single and Dual Table Models

Unique Design for Easy Sawing Capabilities and Profiling Capabilities

Most Value for Your Money On the Market



  • Footprint


  • Motor


  • Blade


  • X-Axis


  • Y-Axis


  • Air

    Continuous 125 psi, 10 cfm

  • Water

    Capacity water line ready (clean water)... 1-2 Gallon/minute Capacity water line ready (recycled water)... 4-6 Gallon/minute

  • Machine Weight


  • Electrical Power

    400 Volt with Neutral 80 Amp 3 Phase

Heavy-Duty CNC Saw Machine

Poseidon Industries manufactures industry-leading CNC bridge saws that perform hyper-precise sawing and profiling of granite and stone slabs. Our heavy-duty CNC granite saws are cost-effective and essential tools for the modern granite, stone, and countertop fabricator.

Poseidon Industries’ CNC bridge saws are sophisticated sculpting and profiling machines. The perfect tool for any thriving fabrication enterprise.

Quick and Precise Stone Slab Fabrication

CNC bridge saws are very large saws that run on a hydraulic beam or bridge and are operated with computer numerical control (CNC). These computer-controlled CNC saws are designed to cut slabs of natural stone, granite, marble, porcelain, and other types of slabs into smaller pieces which often become bathroom and kitchen countertops. Poseidon Industries’ Viking II CNC bridge saw features a 25 to 40horsepower blade motor and five-axis movement technology. Automatic operation of the bridge saw is made easy with a 15-inch touchscreen controller.

Poseidon CNC saw machines embrace durability as well as multi-faceted performance. Their unique and heavy-duty design ensures efficient and dynamic stone slab and granite fabrication.

Unique Design Ensures Easy Sawing & Profiling

The computer-controlled granite, marble, and stonecutting machines manufactured by Poseidon Industries are nationally renowned for being heavy-duty pieces of advanced technology. Designed to maintain the highest level of durability while performing numerous tasks including auto-cutting, profiling, servo mitering, and core drilling. A hydraulic tilt table and vacuum lifts allow for natural and engineered stone slabs to be positioned at a variety of angles and produce professional-grade straight, angular, and orthogonal cuts. We source premium quality components from around the world and manufacture our full lineup of semi-automatic bridge saws in the U.S.

Call us today at 877-571-5599 to arrange a tour of our production facility in Punta Gorda, FL.
Built Strong. Built Poseidon.


High precision linear guides on X, Y, and Z Axis. Measure the value of a CNC Bridge Saw by coring holes, incremental routing, servo mitering, and auto-cutting.

Tired of inaccurate or slow cutting times? The Viking II can cut a 3cm thick slab as fast as 14minutes! Reduce your templating time by 300%,reduce your fabrication time to fix poor cutting, in crease your cutting speed and increase your profits with a Poseidon CNC Bridge Saw.


Poseidon machines are designed and built for maximum durability and high efficiency. We provide high precision machinery for fabricators who have absolutely no room for error or downtime.

The Viking II is made with a 25 horsepower arbor Italian blade motor, an advanced, user-friendly 15" color touch screen design, fiber glass carriage covers, and all X & V mechanical components are protected (enclosed).

CNC Saws Of Exceptional Quality & Durability

Poseidon Industries is the leading American manufacturer of stone fabrication machinery and equipment. We design and build highly durable CNC bridge saws that offer exceptional dimensional cutting capabilities. Clients from around the globe use these sophisticated machines to achieve quick and precise fabrication day in and day out.

Our fabricator clients are ensured error-free performance with little to no downtime. Professional-grade stone slab cutting and countertop fabrication in mere minutes are achievable with our CNC bridge saws. Call us today at 877-571-5599 to arrange a tour of our production facility in Punta Gorda, FL.
Built Strong. Built Poseidon.


Poseidon delivers all over the United States. Here is a snippet of the current equipment installations.